Keeping it in perspective!

by | Oct 8, 2019

Every day we are bombarded with new information and making sense of it all can be challenging 

  • We struggle with information overload

To help process all the data and information we receive, we rely on mental short-cuts and a selective focus. This usually serves us well and we give our limited attention to the most important information and activities. However, sometimes we can become so overwhelmed by information and options that we place more emphasis on information that supports our own view, rather than information that doesn’t.

  • We draw inaccurate conclusions 

We like the satisfaction of deriving meaning from information, even if that means we creatively fill in the blanks when we don’t have all the information. So, we can mistakenly believe one thing has caused another, when in fact we don’t have any evidence for this.

  • We make decisions under time pressure. ‘Doing something, is better than doing nothing. Right?’

A common trap that we can fall into, under pressure, is to feel more comfortable taking some action rather than no action at all. Even when we’re unsure what we’re about to do will work. This can lead to disruption, and waste time and resources.


  1. Seek input from colleagues, especially someone who’s willing to be a ‘devil’s advocate’ who will make you explain your rationale.
  2. Explore all the possible alternatives.
  3. Pause before acting.
  4. Question whether you even need to act at all.
  5. Maintain your focus on the facts you know.

Vanessa is a very experienced HR Professional with a career spanning over 30 years. Prior to setting up Imago HR she worked for many years as a senior HR leader, providing a compassionate and pragmatic approach to people management. Click on her website to find out more about the Imago HR service