Board of Experts Crunchy Tales

by | Oct 8, 2020

What makes it crunchy?

I was recently offered the exciting opportunity to join the Board of Experts for as an adviser. I joined as ‘Leadership Mentor’ and I was selected for this role because of my ‘particular vision and continuous effort in empowering middle -aged women’. 

Being middle-aged is a curious stage in life. You know stuff, but there’s still lots to learn. 

That’s where I come in. I write a monthly article full of tips and advice on themes which resonate with women in midlife. 

You can read my articles here.

 Michela Di Carlo, the founder and editor of which is the ‘first illustrated online magazine on a mission to reset the meaning of middle age’ says ‘Crunchy means also tasty, crispy, or something that makes a sharp noise. We want to encourage women in their middle age to speak up and say it loud: we are not over the hill! We deserve to be seen and heard. We are here to celebrate their strengths and wisdom. Redefining Midlife, one illustrated story at a time!’

Earlier this year I also took part in a CrunchyTalk as part of the University of Chester Diversity Festival.

Michela says , ‘the aim of the talks is to increase awareness on ‘casual ageism’, to challenge stereotypes and old clichés and to help middle aged women to rethink the way they approach midlife, showing them that the best is yet to come and celebrating the talent and resources of ladies who break boundaries, find their true calling and create new, meaningful paths later in their lives’. 

You can view my CrunchyTalk here;


Stay crunchy 😊

Vanessa is a very experienced HR Professional with a career spanning over 30 years. Prior to setting up Imago HR she worked for many years as a senior HR leader, providing a compassionate and pragmatic approach to people management. Click on her website to find out more about the Imago HR service