The RISE Technique

This is a technique that you can use with your team members, individually or collectively, remotely or face to face, to build trust and get the best results, every day!

When we think about REALITY, we think about the things that are happening right here, right now. Our reality is what we are experiencing, as opposed to something we recognise as fiction, fantasy, or an illusion. 

As leaders we need to think about what is occurring for our team members. What is their reality? How are they experiencing things right now? 

Remember, reality is based on an individual’s perception. Their reality might not be your reality, it probably isn’t, but that doesn’t make it wrong, or right, it’s simply different!  

Your job as leader is to ask questions, to find out what their reality is, so that you gain a greater understanding of how things are going for them.

Be empathic and show that you care

As you would expect, INFORMATION is all about the knowledge we obtain from our studies or our investigation of data, facts, and content. Our thirst for information is critical to our movement towards success. Information changes our construct of the situation we are facing. 

Once you have information it’s particularly important that you share this with your team members as soon as you can, so that they have the same knowledge and understanding as you.

Check to make sure they understand, by asking questions and seeking clarification.

Put simply, SENSE is all about achieving a sensory account of what is happening. We need to do this to achieve balance and rationalise our thoughts, so that it makes sense to us. 

We may only have a grasp or an impression of the situation, but our brains are working fast to make judgements and comprehend things. Sometimes we have a sense of danger, other times we have a sense of excitement, or a combination of feelings in-between. We use the senses available to us to make our assessment and this happens almost instantaneously.  

Your job as leader is to be the sense-maker for others and to be agile and sensitive to what is going on around you.

It is also important to maintain your sense of humour!

Essentially, ENERGY is what we need to move and to act. This is a positive effort and requires a physical and intellectual response.  We need to get going and set the pace.

It is important to give your team members purpose and capacity, and to empower them. You must also ensure that the right resources are available.

Your job as leader is to enable the action to take place, but not necessarily to act.

So, to recap

in order to RISE

begin by accepting the REALITY

move to gain INFORMATION and make 

SENSE of it, then make sure that you 

harness positive ENERGY 

to achieve success